Catino is the well known awarded bathroom collection designed by Emanuele Pangrazi. The idea is expressed with the clarity of an archetype. It is indeed poetic evocation of a way of life that emphasizes natural materials and solid elements, timeless and durables. Alternating spacious and well planned volumes, it defines a landscape of monoliths and makes the bathroom, functional and comfortable.

The ample volumes of sinks in the Catino line, compact and practical fixtures evoke simple and fluid management.
Ceramic elements are coordinated, in a coherent and articulate language, with benches and shelves in three different species of natural wood, carved from block, keeping the veins horizontal and assembled to last forever. A useful and original series of accessories, in solid wood, complete in a functional sense this well-designed collection. Thanks to this collection, the author was awarded with A’Design Award in 2013 and with the Red Dot Design Award in 2014.

HARMONIES OF SIGNS – “For me, the ceramic is woman,” says the author, who explains his vision of the bathroom. “The factors that intervene in the creation of a good product are more often than not of a humanistic rather than technical-scientific nature”. He designs for the bathroom, applying a sort of “recovery of what is innermost”. In its atmospheres, in its practices and daily routines, in water as the physical element that finds its habitat here, the bathroom evokes a dimension that is now removed from the adult: that of maternal care, protection and wellbeing that have nurtured us since birth. This is why he prefers forms that are “not repelling”, but rather soft and feminine, perfectly incarnated thanks to a material as plastic as ceramic and natural as wood.”