Light, transparency, color. Simple, minimal lines in dialogue with each other, perfectly interlocked to create a series of unique objects. FUNKY GRAAL, through three vases in glass and porcelain, narrates a process of invention that stems from drawing and its infinite potentialities.


“Funky Graal is a collection of vases through which I have tried to explore the strong symbolism they have always represented. Pure shapes in balance, defiled by uncommon decorative language, with the intent to create something that can evoke the wonders of tradition with a disruptive touch. I have always thought of the vase as a sacred object, connected to a religious dimension. Something simple and symbolic at the same time. Starting with this attitude, I have imagined its reinterpretation through decorative elements far from the usual paradigm, with the aim of making something capable of representing tradition and the desire for rebellion.”


Two words, Funky and Graal, that perfectly embody the idea of contamination between a sacred, precious, unique element and over-the-top decoration.

“All the elements are composed of a base in fine porcelain with a gold bath connected to the blown glass, in a special way. Melting porcelain and crystal, two materials that are difficult to match due to their hardness and processing methods, represents the added value and uniqueness of these items. For this reason, the contribution of the artisans of the company, during the dévélopment of the prototypes, was key. In my work I always try to achieve absolute synthesis to find an almost ascetic simplicity, even if, very often, I enjoy corrupting  my creations with alternative languages. I’m in constant evolution, in constant flux, and I need to give a profound meaning to what I do.”

The three vessels that form the collection are composed of a base in very fine porcelain with a gold finish, bonded to the glass with a special technique. A connection between apparently distant materials, with the aim of creating objects that are immune to constraints of time and space.

Through three vases in glass and porcelain, narrates a process of invention that stems from drawing and its infinite potentialities. An ongoing study of the force of forms and the meaning of decorative language, a perpetual investigation of synthesis between memory and innovation.

The profiles stem from different intersections between basic forms, sharing in a sense of balance that connects them and defines them: the sphere thus becomes a support and a formal feature at the same time, capable of constructing an architecture in which glass and ceramic materials alternate, combine and separate, playing together to determine a kaleidoscope of reflections.