Strength, functionality, and form. Robust, elemental shapes engage in a silent conversation, effortlessly converging to sculpt a line of sanitary essentials. Industrialis speaks the language of urbanity through a suite of bathroom fixtures that embody the raw textures and powerful aesthetics of industrial design.

“Industrialis is a collection of bathroom fittings through which I seek to honor the unadorned beauty of industrial spaces. Solid forms poised in stillness, contrasted by a design dialect that is unexpected yet familiar, all to forge a sense of nostalgia coupled with a forward thrust. To me, the bathroom is not merely a utilitarian space but a canvas for expressing the intersecting lines of past and future. Starting from this philosophy, I have envisioned a transformation of everyday elements through a lens that defies the conventional, with the intention of crafting pieces that resonate with the narrative of innovation and audacity.”

The namesake, Industrialis, captures the essence of merging a robust, foundational character with intricate craftsmanship.


“Every piece in the collection starts with a foundation of high-grade ceramic, married to metal accents that may be stark or warmly finished, reflecting the versatility of industrial design. The fusion of ceramic and metal, materials diverse in their resilience and manufacturing processes, is what makes this collection distinctively novel. Throughout the creation of Industrialis, the artisan’s meticulous approach to crafting these prototypes has been indispensable. In my creative pursuit, I gravitate towards an elemental purity that yields a certain monastic elegance, yet I frequently find delight in subverting my pieces with touches of contemporary idiom. My journey is one of perpetual transformation, seeking to infuse depth and purpose into my creations.”

Industrialis shapes arise from the combination of fundamental geometries, resonating with a harmony that unites and individualizes them: the rectangle becomes not only a structural element but also a signature motif, establishing an architecture in which the interplay of ceramic and metal shapes a symphony of contrasts, a dynamic interplay of light and texture.