The design challenge for this collection of washbasins was to create something reminiscent of the early 1900s. 


The use of ceramics and colors underscores the desire to tell the story of the material by making it extremely current and suitable for contemporary living environments. A collection that stems from the desire to create a link between past and present. This Collection by Emanuele Pangrazi tells the story of the dialogue between tradition and innovation with the aim of responding in addition to the needs of contemporary living.


“After an initial True Colors version, in which the shape was closer to the inspiration of typical farmhouse sinks of the early twentieth century, I thought of a version in which to further emphasize comfort by proposing a rationalized, more geometric style that is also suitable for contemporary environments.” 


Lines, shapes and profiles thus define a series of washbasins capable of providing the bathroom environment with a link to the vintage aesthetics typical of the early twentieth century.

The skillful use of ceramic in balance with a wide range of colors, emphasizes the desire to tell the story of the material by making it extremely current and appropriate for living spaces. Color is the defining element and “fil rouge” of the entire collection, capable of imparting a completely new and different image depending on the color chosen.

The different shades allow each element to be customized, evoking different scenarios and worlds outside the common bathroom concept.

bathroom, applying a sort of “recovery of what is innermost”. In these atmospheres, in these practices and daily routines, the water as physical element finds its habitat, the bathroom evokes a dimension that is now removed from the adult: that of maternal care, protection and wellbeing that have nurtured us since birth. This is why he prefers forms that are “not repelling”, but rather soft and feminine, perfectly incarnated thanks to a plastic material as ceramic and natural as wood.